Kelly Makraki

Senior Landscape Architect

Kelly’s passion for landscape architecture is grounded in a commitment to sustainable design – a subject she has explored through her research. Kelly started her BA in landscape architecture in Greece, where her thesis delved into the rational use of water in urban environments through the study of evapotranspiration. She graduated top of her class, gaining her BLArch with distinction, before continuing her studies at the University of Edinburgh where she was awarded a Masters with distinction in landscape architecture. 

As a designer she enjoys addressing the sensitivities and diverse requirements of each space. By linking place-specific memories and symbols with conceptual design, her aspiration is to create inspirational places that serve the needs of their users while they change and adapt with them, creating a living, evolving mechanism. 

Since her graduation in 2016 she has worked for Macgregor Smith where she was involved in numerous design schemes of different scale and nature, including public realm improvements, business parks, retail, residential and commercial developments, and she was gained experience against all RIBA stages, from initial design all the way to construction and handover. She joined the Churchman Thornhill Finch family in 2021 as a Chartered Landscape Architect.