Andrew Thornhill


Andrew creates landscapes you want to live in: places where you can delight in the everyday. His design philosophy is rooted in research and innovation, going to ever-greater lengths to test new ideas and concepts. Water development and design is a particular area of richness in Andrew’s work. Exploring how to deal with flood resilience, how to catch storm water and how to channel it through the landscape to create urban waterfalls and passively irrigate gardens.

He’s worked on some unexpected schemes, including the Met Police memorial garden and Kings Cross Station in London. His time at RPS Clouston, Churchman, Derek Lovejoy Partnership and John McAslan & Partners cultivated an investigative and strong conceptual approach to design. Sensitivity to existing place is an important thread for Andrew, considering what the landscape will mean in the future and how it might promote increased bio-diversity. He responds to each project with fresh eyes whilst remaining committed to the rigor of technical skill and continual discovery to move the language of the industry forwards.

Having studied horticulture & land management, he went on to gain a distinction from Kingston in 1999 for his post-graduate landscape architecture diploma. A stint in Austraila landed him in a competition to design the National Arboretum in Canberra, after it had been burned down in a forest fire. On his return back to the UK in 2005, Chris asked him to join the business. He became a Director in 2007 and went on to become an equal partner in 2010.