Bristol City Council

Liveable, loveable streets

Communities fit for the future - with liveable, vibrant streets and green spaces which invite people and nature to live in harmony


Creating 'liveable' streets is a popular concept amongst landscape architects, but we wanted to push it further. In a series of three residential developments for Bristol City Council, we wanted to design truly loveable streets - places which people are proud to call home.

That meant putting pedestrians and cyclists first where possible, reducing car use and getting people moving. Bumping into your neighbours is always easier to do on foot.

We elevated drainage to an art form – coming up with creative ways to recycle and slow rainfall – with swales and rain gardens which doubled as informal play spaces, slowed traffic and brought soft green planting into the heart of urban streets. Clever tree pits created extra drainage capacity and allowed for a variety of pollution-busting street tree species.

We wanted green spaces to work hard as sanctuaries for people and nature – with each one carefully designed to encourage a connection between the two. At Bonnington Walk that meant enhancing an existing Site of Nature Conservation Interest and turning it into an integral element of the landscape design – creating a gradual transition from the wild edge of the conservation area to the more managed green spaces around the houses.

We created plenty of places to pause around the developments - carefully chosen spots with sociable seating to encourage neighbours to sit down for a quick chat over a cuppa.

Edible planting, allotments, community orchards and outdoor dining tables all offered opportunities for sociable moments– helping to create the social glue that binds successful communities together.


CGI images by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris