Tower of London

Greening the Tower environs to enhance visitors’ experience 

A new visitor arrival space at the Tower posed a number of technical challenges for sustaining planting and green infrastructure.

 (Churchman Thornhill Finch)
 (Churchman Thornhill Finch)

Working closely with Stanton Williams Architects on this sensitive and important site, our role related to two key elements of green infrastructure.


The first was a green, reinforced embankment. Since this faced south, with a minimal depth of soil the challenge was how to sustain this without artificial irrigation. We designed a system of capillary matting in order to maximize the rainwater retention and the viability of the planting scheme.

The second was to design a tree planting trench to secure the future of several existing mature trees. This was needed to secure the abundant buried archaeological remains within the Tower site and to future-proof the new paving system.  

Following this we were commissioned independently by the Tower of London to design a small garden space adjacent to the Tower Moat. We rejuvenated previous ornamental plantings, replacing them with an indigenous scheme of low shrubs and native herbaceous plants.