Britannia Project

Creating a new community square at the edge of Shoreditch Park

The design looks to create a legible and unifying identity for the site while also enhancing the character of the park.


The masterplan includes 481 new homes, a secondary school with sixth form and new leisure centre. The public realm creates a new link from the adjacent estate to Shoreditch Park, a new community square and park gateway by the leisure centre, as well as learning spaces for the school. 

The landscape design looks to maximise the use of external spaces through the flexible areas and inclusive design principles. The layout and tree planting aim to engender positive microclimates to foster activity. 

Six key strategic moves guided the design of the landscape and public realm and define a distinctive identity and sense of place.


The key moves were to:

Better define the northern edge of Shoreditch Park

Provide a new community focal point with the creation of a public space and adjacent leisure centre and commercial offer

Link the communities to the north of the site with Shoreditch Park

Develop a variety of play offers in the site, from public spaces, school grounds and communal gardens

Integrate vehicle parking through the proposed public realm in a way that prioritises pedestrian and cycle movement

Different planting types were developed to respond to the changing micro-climates and planting conditions around the site.


The planting strategy looked to maximise the impact and benefits that greenery can bring to the public realm. The species that were specified are easy to establish and maintain and are robust and low growing, helping to retain site lines across the park for safety and maintain the sense of openness. Ground cover perennials, grasses and ferns were selected to increase the biodiversity of the site by providing habitats for insects and foraging opportunities for insects and birds.

 (Churchman Thornhill Finch)
 (Churchman Thornhill Finch)