Britannia Project

Connecting community

A new public square is the proud star of this exciting project in Shoreditch, which firmly sets its sights on connecting local communities.


A secondary school, 481 new homes, a new leisure centre and an enhanced park entrance are tied together by a community square that’s set to become a buzzing social hub.

From the outset we’ve been guided by inclusive design principles. A series of accessible public spaces have been thoughtfully designed to encourage a vibrant public life, ensuring everyone feels welcome. Community events are encouraged and seating is flexible, with different options for different age groups. Some areas invite social interaction while others offer peace and reflection.

Pedestrians and cyclists come first, with new connections drawn between the park to the existing community to the north.  We worked with inclusivity consultants and local community groups to ensure everyone can find their way.

The northern side of Shoreditch Park will be opened up to the rest of the development with an inviting fringe of feathery grasses, ferns and a colour burst of perennials.

All planting has been carefully selected to maximise the benefits that greenery can bring to the urban public realm.  Species have been chosen to attract bees and butterflies – and because they are robust and low growing, helping to keep the site feeling safe and open.

The school has gained a series of outdoor ‘classrooms’, which encourage students to engage with their landscape and the learning process.

It all adds up to a unified and sociable identity - a place which encourages people to meet, mix and mingle.

 (Churchman Thornhill Finch)
 (Churchman Thornhill Finch)

As designers we need to think about how a place might be used today - but also in the years ahead. Through careful research and considered design we do everything in our power to create places that will be as popular in twenty years as they are today."